Doctrines of “races”

To this day, doctrines of “races” haunt the population in one way or another, but also the sciences. Like in genetics, for example.
The misconception that the differences in the behavior of ethnic groups must always be genetic is based on the dogmas already presented.
However, if one recognizes the development of evolution from biological to psychonomic, then the “races” in terms of behavior also disappear. These two forms of evolution are not mutually exclusive, but the psychonomic complements the biological.
It is the IGNORISM towards the cultural and social conditionality of one’s own SELF that leads to the misconception of the supposed existence of races.
But the different behaviors of ethnic groups (see e.g. Levi-Bruhl, Thurnwald …) are not genetically inherited, but culturally transmitted (Vygotskij, Lurija), i.e. psychonomically. And they are, like the bionomic, i.e. genetically inherited, an adaptation to the respective environment.
Through the perception of the cultural and social transmission of behavior (frame of practice) and ways of perception (frame of meaning), psychonomic species arise, formerly called pseudo-species, which are not genetically determined and therefore cannot be influenced by genetic engineering, for example .